FCP X Second Look: Top Myths and Reasons to Switch

Top 9 FCP X Myths Debunked (or fixed since the initial release!)
-Yes you CAN import and export FCP 6/7 and XML files
-Yes you CAN work with all major camera formats immediately with no transcoding, including P2, SXS, MXF, R3D etc…
-Yes you CAN capture from tape decks and cameras and work with legacy format video
-Yes you CAN preserve in and out points on a clip when you select a different clip in the browser
-Yes you CAN use the timeline in overwrite mode instead of insert
-Yes you CAN export projects for use in ProTools, Resolve, or other apps
-Yes you CAN monitor realtime output on a broadcast monitor via SDI, HDMI or any other pro output device
-Yes you CAN use the FCP 7 style two-window viewer/canvas viewer system
-Yes you CAN have granular control over Paste Attributes
Top 12 Reasons to Switch
-Much faster and easier to understand ripple/roll/slip/slide tools with instant visual feedback!
-No waiting for rendering!
-No waiting for transcoding—work many more camera files instantly and with much less hassle!
-Edits REDCODE natively in realtime with full debayering control, can play Alexa Log C footage in Rec 709 color
-Continue working while exporting or moving a project to a new disk, progress bars never lock the app!
-Instant ken burns effect with no keyframes!
-Much more efficient ways to log footage than markers and sub clips!
-Much easier media management and project mobility, much fewer “offline footage” problems!
-Automatic multi-camera sync and more flexible multi cam editing tools!
-All the Soundtrack Pro tools without having to leave FCP!
-Color tools including power windows (masking) and Redcode R3D adjustments without leaving FCP!
…and the inevitable one: FCP 7 is discontinued and won’t run forever!

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