Student Reviews

“I just wanted to thank you again for the very rich learning opportunity you provided in the documentary bootcamp. I’ve been quickly thrown back into work since my return but in moments of reflection I’m seeing valuable ways I can use the techniques you taught us in my work. As a keen observer of teaching I also wanted to compliment you on your teaching style. I noticed you were particularly gifted in responding to the individual needs of your students, and timed your teachable moments very well. A nice skill to have (in addition to your vast knowledge of cinematography).”

-Documentary Bootcamp student, Digital Media Academy @ UCSD

“In a sentence: Chris is a bottomless pit of knowledge. There is not a question that was asked that he didn’t know the answer to. Week after week he inspired us to develop our post production skills and supplied us with case amounts of knowledge to make our projects as good as possible. He was always very encouraging to every single student and had the patience to make sure all of us completely understood any new skills he was teaching us. Having Chris as an instructor for the class was absolutely invaluable and I know that my film would have suffered without his expertise and attention to detail.”

-Senior Thesis Post-Production Lab Student, San Francisco State University Cinema Department

“I have to admit, with over seven years of FCP experience, I came away from the class newly energized and more knowledgeable than ever on FCP operation. I am sure my colleagues feel the same way that I do – Chris made the class enjoyable and easy to follow.”
Pro Workshop Student, Platt College San Diego
“His passion for film is contagious.”
“I was blown away every class with the amount of passion and knowledge you had on this subject! You are one of the best instructors that I’ve had at Platt.”
“Chris is a great teacher. He knows what questions to ask to keep productivity moving forward. A great facilitator.”
“Hands down the best class I’ve had.”
-Advanced Video Production Students, Platt College San Diego

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