I’ve been teaching cinematography, editing and filmmaking, including Apple-Certified Final Cut Pro classes since 2007. These are the classes I’ve taught. If you’d like to see some of my students’ work, you can check it out here.

Digital Media Academy 2010-present

Documentary Bootcamp
Filmmaking Bootcamp
Intro to Final Cut Pro X
Final Cut Pro X for Experienced Editors
FCP200-Final Cut Pro Basics
FCP300-Final Cut Pro Advanced

Bay Area Video Coalition 2010-present

Video Compression
Video Production Bootcamp
Video Essentials
HD Workflow
FCP100-Intro to Final Cut Pro
DSLR Cinematography
Intermediate DSLR Cinematography

San Francisco State University

CINE 310 Introduction to Filmmaking (co-taught with Scott Boswell)
CINE 624 Advanced Production Crafts (Senior Thesis pre-produciton, teamed with Scott Boswell)
CINE 622 Post Production Lab (Senior Thesis projects, teamed with Pat Jackson)

San Francisco State University Cinema Collective

DSLR Production Workshop
Color grading with FCP Color

Platt College, San Diego 2007-2009

DP300-Intermediate Video Production
DP600-Advanced Video Production
FCP Workshop for Professionals

Torah High School, San Diego 2009

Video Production

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