My Films

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For the best quality picture and sound, please watch these full screen and using the HD option.

Boys & Girls, narrative, 2010, Super 16

Harold, narrative, 2010, HDSLR

Made around Halloween, Harold is a twisted short narrative about a relationship gone wrong.


My 9/11 (sequel to Drowning In It), essay2010, HDSLR

My first project with my new DSLR camera, made for the MFA graduate program at San Francisco State University. These are my audiovisual reflections on mass-mediated memory of 9/11.


It Gets Better: Lex, webisode, 2010, HDSLR

My contribution to the It Gets Better project, Lex talks about finding herself through skateboard culture.


It Gets Better: Megan, websiode2010, HDSLR

Another contribution to the It Gets Better project, Megan talks about her experience growing up in Texas.


Drowning In It, 2006, experimental, 16mm

Drowning in it is an experimental film produced as part of the undergraduate media program at UC San Diego. It comments on the complicated relationship between news media and its audience.


The Perfect Body, 2005, documentary, 16mm

The Perfect Body combines interviews with young gay Asian men about body image with performative scenes—in many ways, this film is the prototype for my thesis documentary, Sex vs Safe.


Am I Asian, 2004, DV

Made for the Intro to Documentary class at UCSD, Am I Asian is my personal story of half-Asian identity. Featured at East Bay Gay Asian Film Festival and winner of Best Documentary at the UCSD Sixth College Film Festival.

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