Documentary, narrative, experimental or corporate, cinematography is my passion. Any chance I get, I get out with my camera and shoot. I work best when I can collaborate with the director throughout the process, working together to make creative decisions. My working style involves both careful planning and on-set improvisation: planning out shots and lighting in advance, and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. I’m a quick problem-solver and keep a level head on set, thanks to patience built over years of teaching filmmaking. If you’re also looking for camera department crew, I have a regular set of reliable collaborators I enjoy shooting with.

Arri Alexa

Alonzo King LINES Ballet, Fountain Three Films, 2013 (in postproduction)
The Time of Loretta (watch trailer), Jacob Frye, 2013 (in production)

Red Epic

Les Twins (as b-camera interiors, DP exteriors), Fountain Three Films, 2013 (in postproduction)

Sony F3

iPad in Business: Execs Talk iPad—Cisco (as camera operator), Glow Marketing, 2013 (in postproduction)

Sony FS700

Fortune Magazine Emerging Markets Presentation, Time Inc, 2013


Skoll Foundation: The Long View (as b-camera)Elastic Creative, 2013 (in postproduction)
 Photo Shoot—Behind the Scenes
, 32K Productions, 2012 (in postproduction)
Jake Heggie Song Cycles, 
Tom Schween, 2012 (in postproduction)
La Tierra No Hablo/The Earth Did Not Speak
, Javier Briones, 2012 (in postproduction)
Beach Nuts 2.0! (watch online)
 Beach Blanket Babylon Webisode Series, Tom Schween, ongoing production
Eugene Canotal Mr. Hyphen Audition, Chris Tipton-King, 2011
Girls who Scream
, as B-camera, Katherine Colridge, currently in production
Eugene Canotal Survivor Audition Video
, Chris Tipton-King, 2010
Le Vice: Find You Music Video (watch online) (as Lighting Designer & Gaffer), Vanessa Carr, 2010
Religious Girls: Charity Music Video (watch online) (as Camera Operator), Vanessa Carr, 2010
Harold (watch online)
, Chris Tipton-King, 2010
My 9/11 (watch online), Chris Tipton-King 2010

Sony EX1/EX3

Beach Blanket Babylon Electronic Press KitTom Schween, 2011
Beach Blanket Babylon Holiday Show B-Roll Package
, Tom Schween, 2011

Panasonic Varicam

Tom Casciato Memorial, Lenny Lieberman, 2013


Love Is No News (watch trailer), David Oleary, 2012 (in postproduction)

16mm/Super 16

Never Bet the Devil Your Head, Eli Levine, 2012 (in postproduction)
El Soñador (watch online)
, Javier Briones, 2011—Featured in Mission Mission
Blood Flow
, James Defebaugh, 2011
The Alternates (watch online), Aaron Greenwood, 2011
For Rent, Wes Culwell, 2011
Echoes, Katherine Colridge, 2010


Sleeping More Deeply Now (watch online), Robyn Kopp, 2011
, Chris Tipton-King, 2011

DVCPROHD (Chroma Key)

SF Department of Economic and Workforce Development Web Video Project (watch online), 2010

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